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What Does No Location Found Mean on iPhone- Ways to Fix

What Does No Location Found Mean

Have you at any point asked why your iPhone some of the time shows the secretive message “No Location Found”? This baffling blunder can be disappointing, particularly while you’re attempting to utilize area-based applications or track the whereabouts of a friend or family member utilizing administrations like “Find My Friend” or “Find My iPhone.”

Throughout this article, we will explore the reasons behind “no location found” on iPhones, as well as the typical situations where it occurs. Also, we’ll dig into the reasons it happens and offer viable answers to address this issue.

Why Does it Say No Location Found?

The point when your iPhone tells you “No location Found meaning” is that it can’t decide its current area. This can influence different applications and administrations that depend on exact area information. Let’s take a look at some situations where you might experience this message, What does it mean when it says no location found? 

● No location found on Find My iPhone:

Seeing “no location Found” infers that your iPhone isn’t right now sending its area information to iCloud. This can occur because of multiple factors, including the gadget being switched off, in Standalone Mode, or having deficient battery ability to send area refreshes.

● No location found Find My Friends:

Assuming you’re endeavoring to find a companion and you see “no location Found” on Find My Friend for their gadget, it regularly implies that their iPhone isn’t offering its area to you. They might have incapacitated area sharing for the occasion.

● No location found vs. No location available:

“No location Found” and “no location Available” meaning that the gadget can’t decide its area. In any case, the wording might change marginally depending on the application you’re utilizing.

Why Does “No Location Found” Happen?

A few elements can prompt the presence of “no location Found” or “no location Accessible” on your iPhone:

1. Area Administrations Disabled: 

One of the most widely recognized purposes behind this issue is the deactivation of area administrations on your iPhone. Clients frequently handicap these administrations to save battery duration or keep up with protection.

2. Powerless GPS Signal: 

Encountering GPS equipment issues, your iPhone might battle to get serious areas of strength for a sign, bringing about an absence of area information.

3. Programming Glitches: 

Programming errors or bugs inside the iPhone’s working framework can sometimes slow down the gadget’s capacity to precisely decide its area.


Presently, how about we investigate useful solutions to tackle the “no location Found” issue on your iPhone:

1. Restart Your iPhone:

Once in a while, a straightforward restart can kill minor programming errors. Press and hold the power button until the slider shows up, then, at that point, slide it to switch off your iPhone. Following a couple of moments, power it back on.

2. Check for Programming Updates:

Staying up with the latest is fundamental. Visit “Settings,” pick “General,” and select “Programming Update” to guarantee your iPhone is running the most recent programming. Introduce any suitable updates as provoked.

3. Empower Wi-Fi and Cell Data:

Area benefits frequently depend on Wi-Fi and cell information. Make sure that both are empowered in your iPhone’s settings. While inside, interfacing with a Wi-Fi organization can improve area exactness.

4. Reset Area and Protection Settings:

On the off chance that you suspect a setup issue, you can reset your area and security settings. Access “Settings,” then “General,” and tap “Reset.” Pick “Reset Area and Protection” and enter your password.


The “no location Found” issue on your iPhone can be a baffling test, however, one can survive. Whether it’s a question of empowering area administrations, guaranteeing you’re utilizing the latest programming, or settling network-related issues, there are answers for getting your iPhone’s area administrations in the groove again. By following the means framed in this article, you can investigate and address the “no location Found” issue, guaranteeing that your iPhone gives precise area data to the different applications and administrations that rely upon it.


What does it mean when it says no location found?

It means that your device is unable to determine its current location.

Why does Find My iPhone say no location found?

When Find My iPhone displays “No Location Found,” it indicates that the target device (the one you’re trying to locate) is not currently transmitting its location data to iCloud, often due to the device being turned off or in Airplane Mode.

What does no location found mean on Find My iPhone?

No Location Found on Find My iPhone means that the tracked device is not sharing its location data.

What Does No Location Found Mean
What Does No Location Found Mean on iPhone- Ways to Fix
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